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omg It's All For You is amazing omfg. im dying over here. THE FEELS! please write more to it! :) xoxo

Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to write more to it, probably post a completely new one tomorrow that’s just one part and then ill either post part two of Its All For You tomorrow also or Tuesday :)))

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Being stuck in bed sick sucks but I'm so glad your fics are back it gave me something to read :) I loved it

thank you so much :) it feels so good to be back, hopefully i’ll be able to post a lot more for you to read! i hope you’re doing okay :) thank you so much for reading my stuff and taking time to message me, it means a lot! <3 

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I hope you like my new prompt, i know it’s not very exciting yet but i want to do more parts to it.  SEND ME PROMPT IDEAS!!! I want to start doing one shots again every night so i need some really good ones! Anything from Gaga’s hip and hospital time, to tayga, to taga, anything you guys want, i’m ready!!! LETS GOOOO!

It’s All For You: Part 1

Taking a deep breath, Tara opened her eyes slowly, allowing her vision to adjust.  Hearing Gaga’s sweet humming from the living room of the apartment, Tara smiled and rolled out of bed to follow the sounds.  She couldn’t believe she was finally dating the love of her life.  Even though it had only been five weeks, they were completely head over heals for each other.  Now that Taylor was officially out of the picture, the only thing holding their relationship back from progressing was the fact that it was still a secret to the public. 

Tara entered the living room seeing Gaga curled up on the couch with her favorite Hermes blanket and a notepad.

“Good morning babe!”  Gaga exclaimed as she looked up from her work and smiled at the beautiful blonde.

Tara sat on the couch next to Gaga and cuddled under the blanket, laying her still sleepy head on Gaga’s chest, “Good morning beautiful,” she mumbled against her girlfriends skin as Gaga kissed the top of her head.

Gaga set down her notepad on the foot of the couch and wrapped her arms around Tara, “Still tired?” Gaga asked as she began to stroke Tara’s hair.

Tara simply nodded,

“Lets get dressed and we can go down the street to Starbucks, we’re all out of coffee here babe.” Gaga suggested, making Tara’s eyes instantly brighten up.

“Like a breakfast date?!” Tara exclaimed excitedly.

“Yes like a breakfast date” Gaga giggled at how adorable Tara was in the mornings.

“Come on then babes lets get dressed!” Tara said jumping up from the couch.  She grabbed Gaga’s hands and gently helped her stand up from the couch.  Even though Gaga’s hip was basically recovered, she still had to take it easy just in case and Tara wasn’t going to let her risk it one bit, especially not now that Applause had just been released.

“Remind me to stretch later babe, all these rehearsals for the VMA’s are starting to add up.” Gaga said as she felt her hip muscles tense.

Twenty minutes later Tara was impatiently waiting for Gaga on the bed.

“Babe hurry up I’m dying for a latte!” Tara shouted hoping Gaga could hear her in the walk-in closet.

“Alright, I’m coming” Gaga laughed as she walked into the bedroom.

“Wow you look beautiful babe,” Tara said in awe as she looked at her girlfriend’s outfit.  Gaga was wearing a simple white dress with black and gold Versace heals and, of course, sunglasses.

“Thank you babe, I love you,” Gaga replied as she helped Tara off the bed and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Now lets get going!”

Stepping out of their apartment into the crisp New York air, both girls felt completely at peace.  They were head over heals in love with each other, in the best city in the entire world, and they got to spend every day together.  Pacing down 72nd street, Tara wove her fingers in with Gaga’s, holding her hand tight.  Gaga hestitated a moment, then pulled her hand away.

“Tara, remember what I told you, we have to keep this a secret.” Gaga said somewhat sternly, making Tara uncomfortable.

“I know babe, I’m sorry.  It’s just that I hate that I can’t even hold your hand.  It’s not like we didn’t do that before we started dating, why is it any different now?” Tara asked with a sad expression on her face.  It truly hurt her that she wasn’t allowed to be publicly affectionate towards Gaga.  She wanted to make Gaga feel like a queen every second of every day, it just didn’t make any sense.

“I know we did, it’s just now everyone knows that I’m not with Taylor so rumors of us can seem more true.” Gaga replied without thinking.

“But it is true…” Tara whispered, not even sure if Gaga could hear her.

After ten more minutes of walking they arrived at Starbucks a few blocks away from their apartment.  Gaga went straight to a two-person table by the window where paparazzi were already trying to take photos of her.  Tara went to the counter to order their drinks, which she had memorized by heart.

Now that Gaga’s new single was out, the paparazzi were really swarming, but Gaga didn’t mind, it was just another part of her career and she was going to enjoy every minute of it.  Being out for so long because of her hip made her miss the things that used to seem frustrating.

A few minutes later Tara came to the table, setting the drinks down.  She pulled out the chair across from Gaga and took a seat.

“So, what do you want to do later?” Gaga asked happily, there was so many things she had always dreamed about doing in New York that she’d never done before and there was no one else that she’d rather do them with than Tara.

“I don’t know… it’s so early we can figure that out later.” Tara replied in a quiet and frustrated tone.

Gaga sighed, “What’s wrong, Tara?”

“What are you talking about Gaga, nothing’s wrong.” Tara said sternly.

“Tara I’ve known you long enough to be able to tell when something’s not right with you, now spill.” Gaga was adamant, and Tara knew it.

“What you said on the way over here, about us holding hands, it really bothered me.  It hurts me so much to not be able to kiss you in public and cuddle with you on park benches let alone just holding your hand when we walk down the fucking street!” Tara was practically yelling, and people were beginning to stare.

“Tara please calm down, you’ve got to talk quieter someone’s going to hear you and the paparazzi are right outside!” Gaga replied nervously, she didn’t want to make Tara more upset, she understood what Tara was saying and she felt bad for earlier but now was not the time and this was not the way for the public to find out about their relationship.

Tears were starting to form in Tara’s eyes as she began to speak again, “Why does it matter if everyone knows? I love you and I thought you loved me, why is that something to be ashamed of? If you’re that embarrassed why are we even together?” Tara whispered shakily as tears fell down her face.

Gaga was on the verge of crying, she put her sunglasses back on to hide it from the paparazzi, “Babe, please don’t say that, I love you and you know that.”

“I thought I knew that, but I’m not so sure anymore. I’m gunna go we’ll talk about this later.  God forbid the paparazzi should see me crying, out to breakfast with you.” Tara said angrily as she stood up from her chair and walked out of Starbucks. 

Gaga didn’t move.  There was no reason in chasing Tara, it wouldn’t make a difference.  She sat silently in her chair and tears started to pour from her eyes as she repeated the conversation in her head. ‘I love you and I thought you loved me.” The phrase repeated over and over in Gaga’s mind. “But I do love you,” Gaga whispered to herself.  She wiped the tears from her face, stood up, and walked quickly onto the New York streets.  She brushed past the paparazzi ignoring all their questions.

All the sounds of the city seemed to drown out as she thought to herself, “I’ve got to find Tara”